jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

las siete y veintisiete

Es una constante en mi sentirme desubicado. No, no es nada malo, he aprendido a ubicarme y des-ubicarme a voluntad, lo cual al final es muy útil cuando aprendes que ciertas cosas importan una mierda. Allá donde he ido, aun rodeado de gente me he sentido solo, y no, esto no lo he decidido a voluntad, simplemente pasa, que no conecto con nadie, es decir, puedo ser el tío mas social del mundo (si me sale de las pelotas claro, pero últimamente y por las experiencias vividas les dan a todos mucho por culo) pero por dentro, aun socializandome y des-socializandome a voluntad (esta es una de las mejores cosas que he aprendido) pues... algo falla... lo que pasa es que yo veo el mundo como es, pero también como podría ser, y me parte el corazón descubrir que quiero vivir en el mundo que podría ser, pero no en el mundo que es. Quizás estoy perdido, quizás ya todo me da igual, quizás es porque nadie entiende como expreso como me siento... pero a veces eso cambia, y por un instante aparece alguien que toca la fibra sensible de la que esta hecha mi alma, y simplemente leyendo un simple texto he llegado a conocer a esa persona (la empatia es la virtud que mas me ha servido a lo largo de mi vida, y lo mejor de todo es que esta habilidad es la única que ya era mía desde el principio, nací con ella, ni la tuve que aprender ni se la robe a nadie...) y he visto lo que hay dentro de ella, el miedo, la inseguridad, a veces la ira, pero también la ternura, la bondad y el amor, todo mezclado de tal forma que apenas se puede distinguir lo uno de lo otro, a duras penas se puede mantener la cordura... me he visto reflejado en muchísimos detalles, como si me estuviera mirando en un espejo de alta definición HD, y no me he asustado, sino todo lo contrario, me he sentido aliviado...  pues no estoy solo... Puede que tenga razón en todo, o puede que este equivocado en todo (como siempre), pero lo que si es seguro, es que ahora me siento como el tío mas afortunado del mundo, y eso me gusta :)

miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012


"...dame un beso 
y añade a ese beso una veintena
y a esos veinte sumales cien mas
y mil a esos cientos 
y sígueme besando
hasta que los mil sean un millón 
triplica ese millón 
y, cuando lo hayas hecho 
besemonos de nuevo como al principio..."

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Don´t choose the most beautiful person in the world, but the person that makes your world more beautiful...

¿How can I expect them to show me the future? In certain moments there is always someone who says that if we don't have faith we have nothing, although I feel it like a pleasant pain, like when you take out a thorn from your toe

During long time I have yearned what was taken from me, but not what has been given to me, and even now I'm scared when the conversation is focused on me ¿Can I be happy and feel myself tempted? I feel myself more whole when I'm alone, alone with my doubts ¿ what's wrong with the doubts? The world should doubting more, so I'm doubting... for the sake of the world... I like the faith and loyalty... even now...

Most of the nights I cant sleep thinking about her. Eighty, ninety thousand days passing by without an incident and suddenly... hello... I never stroked her the times I wanted, only a fraction of the times I really wanted...

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sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

We are all connected... B side...

We are all connected, joined together by an invisible thread, infinite in its potential and fragile in its design. Yet while connected, we are also merely individuals, empty vessels to be filled with infinite possibilities, an assortment of thoughts, beliefs, a collection of disjointed memories and experiences... ¿Can I be me without these? ¿Can you be you?

And if this invisible thread that holds us together were to sever, to cease ¿what then? ¿what would become of billions of lone, disconnected souls? Therein lies the great quest of our lives, to find, to connect, to hold on. For when our hearts are pure, and our thoughts in line, we are all truly one, capable of repairing our fragile world, and creating a universe of infinite possibilities.

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

We are all connected...

On the on-going search itself, there is days where we learn something genuinely new, something uncovered, hidden, that we never knew was there, something that surprises us. And on that day of self-discovering, the questions remains ¿what kind of person are we? ¿is the hero? ¿or the villain inside us?

And while the search itself continues, we look for answers everywhere, in nature, in God, in tiny tragedies that may never be understood. But still, we are driven to it, single minded on one goal: to find our purpose on this earth, no matter the ramifications, the friendships that may be hurt, or the deals with the devil we need to make...

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Everything in unbelievably breathtaking balance...

Pieces of cake in the pockets, buttons undone and rolling out, the scent of a lemon peel, the taste of nutmeg, oak, a sad melody, the wings of courage, the subway at rush hour, Amanda, and her red curly hair, her curves and a spectacular deep blue ayes as round off a perfect figure.

It was very simple. He was very simple. He gave no implausible explanations for what had not, because all he wanted was to enjoy his simple life with the little details that came into it. In Sunset Park the Sun was something prodigious. To get there he had to walk down Crescent Street and turn right by Tullibardine Road to the end, and then Drummond Ave, and he was already there.

"Sometimes one can thing that to know everything about someone it seems okay, but is really much better to reserve something to yourself..." He never understood why Amanda told him that... until now, while he remembered her lips as two slices of warm sweet orange and saw the sea in the distance, in the bay.

Every day he slept with less faith in people and his dogma just disappeared into the wrong verbs, dying the fantasy locked in his words... "My bed smiles when it sees you coming and cries when you leave... It would have bitten her sins only to release her..."

He get into the subway car just in time, even his jacket was trapped between the doors. Amazing from Aerosmith sounded in the speakers... very creepy, he never had noticed that the subway had pipe music... "Life is a journey not a destination", was singing while a afro-american man obviously blind was looking at him trough his dark glasses... for a moment he thought the next stop would be Wonderland. He was looking out the window, watching the reflection of the neon lights passing fast down the dark tunnel when suddenly the music stopped and an electronic voice from the speaker announced: Next Stop, Wonderland... ¿Why wouldn't sound Love in an elevator?

"What you left to say is important as what you say", said the graffiti on the door of the subway car, but he wanted to eat lobster and drink margaritas, like the Hollywood Star´s. He left the subway station. Was late, very late. He turn the corner and finally he saw her trough the glass.. Amanda... he entered in to the restaurant, and looked at her, and kissed her. She was in his life and everything was in unbelievably breathtaking balance...

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martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

The innate sexiness of the female body ... is eternal ...

The ability to remember is what distinguishes us. We are the only species who cares about the past. Our memories give us voice and bear witness to history for others to learn, to celebrate our successes and avoid our failures. There are many ways to define our fragile existence, many ways to give it meaning, but are our memories, our private collection of images, fears, loves, regrets, what shape its purpose and give a context. But life is not without irony, and that is why we are destined to share light with darkness, good and evil, success and failure, everything mixed on our memories... That is what set us apart, what make us human, and basically what we must hold on....

La capacidad de recordar es lo que nos distingue. Somos la única especie que se preocupa por el pasado. Nuestros recuerdos nos otorgan voz, y son testigos de la historia para que otros puedan aprender, para que puedan celebrar nuestros triunfos y evitar nuestros fracasos. Hay muchas formas de definir nuestra frágil existencia, muchas formas de darle significado, pero son nuestros recuerdos, nuestra colección privada de imágenes, miedos, amores, arrepentimientos, los que moldean su propósito y le otorgan un contexto. Pero la vida no carece de ironía, y es por eso que estamos destinados a compartir la luz con la oscuridad, el bien con el mal, el éxito y el fracaso, todo mezclado en nuestros recuerdos... Eso es lo que nos distingue, lo  que nos hace humanos, y en el fondo aquello a lo que debemos aferrarnos...

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Don´t let yourself be controlled by these three things: your past, people and money

I don't know how many times I started this writing, and the only thing I'm gonna say is: Is ok, is alright, I know what I am and I don't care about all the shit that these people is telling. Life is far to short to waste it talking about other people's life but they don't understand it. Big minds talk about great ideas, medium minds talk about facts, small minds talk about events, and poor minds talk about other people's life. Its fine, is not my business if they want to fill their life with empty shit. I just gonna say I started to drawing again, finally my inspiration came back again, and I cant stop it, flows through my veins... take a look...