jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

Everything in unbelievably breathtaking balance...

Pieces of cake in the pockets, buttons undone and rolling out, the scent of a lemon peel, the taste of nutmeg, oak, a sad melody, the wings of courage, the subway at rush hour, Amanda, and her red curly hair, her curves and a spectacular deep blue ayes as round off a perfect figure.

It was very simple. He was very simple. He gave no implausible explanations for what had not, because all he wanted was to enjoy his simple life with the little details that came into it. In Sunset Park the Sun was something prodigious. To get there he had to walk down Crescent Street and turn right by Tullibardine Road to the end, and then Drummond Ave, and he was already there.

"Sometimes one can thing that to know everything about someone it seems okay, but is really much better to reserve something to yourself..." He never understood why Amanda told him that... until now, while he remembered her lips as two slices of warm sweet orange and saw the sea in the distance, in the bay.

Every day he slept with less faith in people and his dogma just disappeared into the wrong verbs, dying the fantasy locked in his words... "My bed smiles when it sees you coming and cries when you leave... It would have bitten her sins only to release her..."

He get into the subway car just in time, even his jacket was trapped between the doors. Amazing from Aerosmith sounded in the speakers... very creepy, he never had noticed that the subway had pipe music... "Life is a journey not a destination", was singing while a afro-american man obviously blind was looking at him trough his dark glasses... for a moment he thought the next stop would be Wonderland. He was looking out the window, watching the reflection of the neon lights passing fast down the dark tunnel when suddenly the music stopped and an electronic voice from the speaker announced: Next Stop, Wonderland... ¿Why wouldn't sound Love in an elevator?

"What you left to say is important as what you say", said the graffiti on the door of the subway car, but he wanted to eat lobster and drink margaritas, like the Hollywood Star´s. He left the subway station. Was late, very late. He turn the corner and finally he saw her trough the glass.. Amanda... he entered in to the restaurant, and looked at her, and kissed her. She was in his life and everything was in unbelievably breathtaking balance...

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