lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

The intimate journey of madness

Hunches, impulses, instincts, heartbeats and destiny ... We close our eyes and we suspect us successful, and that hunch, that impulse that we have felt all our lifetime, but of which we only realized some time ago, becomes in to a hard beatable fire, and suddenly we succumb to it, and becomes in nothing more than a written lines from a long manifesto called Humanity.

We are children of orgasm, even so, curiosity surprising us when certain things happen to us by chance. Too curious, so curious that can not arise simply from curiosity. You venture into nights of smoke, and you have fun asking to strangers apparently superficial: "Hey you ¿chance or fate?" And you discover that life is governed by a number of inaccuracies that barely we can guess. Whatever happens, even in the most distant place, happens to you. Swarming hungry, eager, inspired and chained to those memories that you got in that dump that you have got as  memory, and you remember that Russian girl who didn't stop looking at you, making you feel very uncomfortable, and behold the story, you feel drawn till the bottom of the sea just with a little stone attached to the pants...

And then you leave behind the moment of the doubt ¿do you know when is that? is the moment on a trip when the return to the starting point is longer than continue until the end. The sun would like to pause for a moment, even get back, but you don't, you continue, and the more tired you think you are she come and save you. She
loves you more than your ghosts, and know more than the satisfaction than the desire, and you're still to conquer, that's your emotion ... and then you remember what Oscar Wilde said:  For the purpose of life is personal development to achieve fully the nature of one-self. For that we are here. A person should live his life outside. Giving form to every feeling. Expression to every thought. Reality to every dream. Every impulse that nests in the mind repress poisoning us. There is only one way to overcome temptation by yielding to it. Resist this and soul sick with longing for the things themselves is prohibited. Nothing can cure the soul but the senses. Just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul ..."

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